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Located on Roatan, Honduras - Western Caribbean
Casa Bonita is located at the heart of a huge stretch of unspoiled Roatan coastline to the east of Port Royal. Over the centuries, the Port Royal area has been home to several different cultures, such as Payan Indians and colorful buccaneers. As the future owner of Casa Bonita, you too will become a part of this continuing history.
Paya Indians

The first inhabitants of this area were Paya Indians, who left behind evidence of their simple existence, including an abundance of pottery shards, also known as yaba ding dings. They also left behind other archaeological evidence of their culture, much of it in the territory surrounding Port Royal. Residents of Roatan's east end continue to find yaba ding dings and other bits of Paya history on hillsides and along deserted stretches of beach.

Pirate Playground
During the 17th century, thousands of pirates shared these hills with the Paya Indians, including the infamous Henry Morgan. Port Royal Harbour provided a safe shelter for their ships, and a convenient place to lure unsuspecting larger vessels which became easy prey for the shallow reefs, rocky shoreline and, of course, looting pirates. The geography of the harbour gave the pirates great tactical advantage, and they remained in the Port Royal area successfully for years, going after ships and the gold that was being mined in the interior of the Honduran mainland. This Spanish gold was minted into coins in many denominations, including the the 8-escudo coin, also known in pirate lore as the 'gold doubloon'.
Modern Treasure
To this day, stories continue to circulate about buried treasure located in and around the Port Royal area. You may find history in the form of gold doubloons, cannons from sunken galleons, yaba ding dings from the Payan residents, or 400 year old rum bottles left behind by Morgan and his cohorts. Or you may find history in your imagination as you envision those who walked these lands hundreds of years ago.
The past of Port Royal may have been exciting, but the future of Roatan could be an even greater adventure. After centuries of changing cultures and industry - from subsistence fishing and piracy to commercial fishing and tourism - Roatan seems to have found it's place, both within the borders of Honduras and in the world as a Caribbean tourism destination. Roatan has the world's second largest barrier reef, making our scuba diving some of the best in the Caribbean. New tourist attractions, like canopy tours and catamaran sailing cruises, are coming aboard all the time. The views are stunning. The beaches are brilliant. The real estate market is booming. Now is the time to invest in Roatan. Now is the time to make Casa Bonita your new home in paradise.
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